Product Literature

Product Literature

Material Handling Lift Magnets

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We Don’t Build Ships, But …

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We Don’t Build Railcars, But …

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Turbo-Mill – mailer card

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SSC Controlmaster

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Separation — Suspended Separation Equipment 2015

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Separation — Rare Earth Permanent Suspended Magnetic Separators

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Separation — Magnetic Separation Products

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Separation — Magnetic Pulleys

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Separation — Eddy Current Separators for Shredder Fluff

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Separation — Drum Type Magnetic Separators

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Self-Contained Lift Magnets Catalog

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Scrap Magnets – 9 of the Top 10 Crane Manufacturers Specify Walker

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Scrap Lifting Catalog

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Scrap Lifting Magnet Repairs and Remanufacturing Services

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Scrap Handling Magnets – Series LMW

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Rotary Chucks for Turning and Grinding Turbine Bearings and Gears

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Railroad Industry Magnets – One-Stop Supplier

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Rail Handling Magnets

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Radiation Detection Magnets

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Plate Handling Magnets

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Over 50 Years and Still on the Job

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Material Handling – Walker offers both traditional and innovative material handling options

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Material Handling – Walker magnets solve a service center’s plate handling needs

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Material Handling Lift Magnets

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Magnetic Workholding

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Magnet Repair and Reconditioning

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Magnet Control Equipment

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LMW Series Scrap Handling Magnets (obsolete)

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LM48 Fabricated Scrap Magnet

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Line Card – Workholding Chucks

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Line Card – Material Handling Magnets

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BUX BM² Lift Magnet

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C-2 Permanent Magnetic Chuck

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Line Card – Lift Magnets

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Lifting Magnets for Wind Tower Fabricators

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Lifting Magnets for Structural Steel Fabricators

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Lifting Magnets for Rail Handling Systems

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Lifting Magnet Repair

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Lift Magnets Handle Coils Safely Without Damage

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Hot Steel Lifting – datasheet

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Hot Material Magnets

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ExBeam Adjustable Spreader Beam

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Electro-Permanent Magnets Catalog 2015

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Cutting Table Magnet

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CER Lift Magnets / Wireless

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Bundle Lifting Magnets

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Billet and Rail Handling Magnets 2015

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