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Steel manufacturing is an inherently demanding and often dangerous process. As a result, the steel manufacturing industry must work to strike a balance between efficiency and safety. Steel mills rely on Walker Magnetics’ industrial magnets throughout the steel manufacturing process to keep production on schedule and protect workers. Industrial magnets provide the best solution for handling heavy steel, lifting, and moving both materials and finished products quickly without causing damage.

At Walker Magnetics, we provide a wide range of high-performing magnetic products for lifting, material handling, workholding, and separation applications. We have decades of experience serving steel manufacturers, which is why customers around the world trust us to design and produce safe and reliable manufacturing magnets for their steel production facilities.

The right industrial magnet system can increase output, streamline tedious processes, protect workers, and improve a steel mill’s overall profitability. Learn more about the products we offer for steel mills below.

Our Industrial Steel Manufacturing Magnets

Walker Magnetics designs and manufactures permanent, electromagnetic, and electro-permanent magnets to meet steel manufacturing challenges. Whether they are used to lift rolls of steel sheet, hot or cold billets, or high volumes of scrap, our magnets streamline production processes while minimizing safety risks. Many of our industrial steel manufacturing magnets can be controlled and used by a single operator, allowing steel mills to allocate resources efficiently.

We offer the following types of industrial magnets for steel manufacturing applications:

  • Millmaster Steel Mill Magnets: The Millmaster series includes magnets that combine heavy-duty construction with the latest technological developments. The components of these magnets have all been computer-calibrated to provide endurance and mechanical strength in slab handling, billet handling, plate handling, and other demanding applications.
  • RLSD Series Steel Mill Magnets: These rectangular steel mill magnets are ideal for lifting high volumes of scrap out of confined spaces. These magnets can increase load lift capacity by 50%, allowing steel manufacturers to keep furnaces full and speed up production.
  • Grabber Series Steel Mill Magnets: Magnets in the Grabber series create a strong, stable grip between the magnet and the object being lifted, allowing operators to lift bent billets more efficiently.
  • Heatmaster Series Steel Mill Magnets: These magnets are capable of safely handling hot steel up to 260 degrees Celsius. When manufacturers spend less time waiting for steel to cool, they can increase daily output.
  • Coilmaster Series Steel Mill Magnets: Designed to lift coiled steel from directly above the load, these lifting devices save space and come in two basic configurations — electromagnetic and electro-permanent.
  • Self-Contained Lifting Magnets: Used in smaller applications, these simple lifting magnets are capable of moving materials where power may not be available. The product range offers increased flexibility to your steel materials management objectives.

To best accommodate the complex needs of steel manufacturers, we also custom design and manufacture magnet systems. We are constantly researching ways to improve the performance and reliability of our heavy lifting magnets to ensure our products meet high expectations.

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Why Choose Walker Magnetics?

When choosing a company to provide industrial steel manufacturing magnets, steel mills need to take experience and capability into account. Walker Magnetics has the experience and engineering expertise to create dependable, safe and, effective manufacturing magnets for each individual project and need.

Since our founding in 1896, we have grown to become the largest custom designer and manufacturer of magnetic products for industrial applications. Today, we serve customers in more than 190 countries. We design our products to meet the growing range of practical challenges, keeping the needs and requirements of the steel manufacturing industry in mind.

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