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Safety is always of high priority, especially when moving large quantities of steel where the loads are heavy, and the work is dangerous. Walker’s industrial strength magnets help move large quantities of steel with precision and efficiency. In the past, distributors relied on workers to move steel using pulleys, chains, slings, and other systems. Heavy-duty magnets offer greater control, giving a single operator the ability to move heavy objects both safely and accurately.

We help the metals industry move. For over 120 year, Walker Magnetics has grown to serve distribution centers around the globe. We offer a range of lifting magnets for moving steel around loading docks, warehouses, and other facilities. Move large quantities of magnetic materials safer, easier, and with greater efficiency using modern magnetic solutions.

Industrial Steel Distribution Magnets

This specialized industry often benefits from custom-designed magnets, built around facility needs and dimensions. Magnets are application-specific and the design must take into account the weight, size, and shape of the materials the magnets will be handling. The dimensions of the work area also impact magnet selection. For help selecting a magnet for steel distribution centers or to request a custom design, call 800-WMAGNET today.

Heavy Lift Magnets

Heavy lift magnets by Walker Magnetics move large loads with ease. Lifting magnets are used for transporting loads of any size and shape, including coils, pipes, and sheets. Our line of heavy lift magnets includes:

  • Circular: The CE Series Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets are suited for indoor and outdoor use. Circular lifting magnets are crane-mounted, capable of lifting materials of any shape and size.
  • Bi-polarBi-polar lifting magnets are electromagnetically charged to attract materials, easing the collection of loose quantities of pipe, coil, and other steel products. These magnets are mounted to a crane and can secure heavy loads.
  • Spreader beam:Custom spreader beams allow for material warehousing with balanced and safe operation every time. Our team of engineers designs every component of spreader beam systems.

For operations, we offer Solid State Controls (SSC) with customizable options, compatible with all our electromagnets. For extra assurance, our battery backup system operates systems for up to 20 minutes on a single charge.

Self-Contained Lift Magnets

Our products move steel in any shape and size. For moving steel materials weighing up to 11,000 lbs, our line of self-contained life magnets includes solutions to fit any application. We help steel distribution centers around the world improve facility safety and performance with our range of self-contained industrial magnets, including:

  • Permanent: Permanent lifting magnets are relatively lightweight, compact, and capable of moving steel pipes, bars, and plates. Our Neo series offers speed that safety distributors can count on.
  • Battery-operated: Operate virtually anywhere with a battery-operated system from Walker Magnetics. Battery-operated magnets eliminate cords and wires, allowing heavy material movement in areas without access to power.
  • Circular: Similar to our heavy-duty circular magnet, the CER Series is versatile and capable of attracting loose, plate, and formed steel. Circular magnets include a wireless remote for better ease of use.

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Let us help you maintain product quality while increasing efficiency and improving employee safety! Walker Magnetics is the world’s leading supplier for industrial-strength magnets. For heavy-duty magnets built for steel distribution centers of any size, turn to Walker Magnetics. Call us at 800-WMAGNET ( 800 962-4638) now or send us a message online and speak to an associate today.

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Why Walker Magnetics for Your Industrial Magnet Needs?

Managing the steel supply in it’s many forms requires equipment that is capable, safe and reliable.  Walker Magnetics designs customized lifting systems that allow you to efficiently lift and move materials with precision and safety.  Our attention to your specific application is our expertise. It’s why our business has roots all the way back to the 19th century.

We are the largest custom manufacturer and designer of industrial-strength magnets in the world for a reason. That reason is quality and dependability, with permanent, electromagnetic and electro-permanent magnet systems that are safer, more reliable and better suited to your business. You can be sure that we have industrial magnets that meet all your requirements in every area that you need magnets for.

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If maximizing the quality of your product and your workflow while reducing risks to employees is important to you in your automotive business, Walker Magnetics is an easy choice. There’s no reason to cut corners when it comes to your industrial magnets when you have access to proven quality. If you want magnets that you know you can always rely on, you want Walker Magnetics.

We are more than happy to help you find the specific industrial magnets you need for all your automotive applications. For more information about our industrial auto magnets, or to find out how you can order yours right now, just call Walker Magnetics at 1-508-853-3232 or contact us online today.

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