Self-Contained Lift MagnetsProduct Literature

Simple, effective, safe magnetic lifting devices.


Walker designs and manufactures lifting magnets for a wide range of applications using permanent, electro-permanent, battery powered, and electromagnetic technologies. Walker Self-Contained Lifting Magnets are versatile, compact, easy to operate and can be used on flat and round material ranging from 0 to 11,000lbs. Our larger lifting magnets are designed for applications such as handling billets, bundles, bar stock, slabs, plates, structurals, long bar stock, rail, hot material, coils, pipe rebar, radioactive material, slag, and more. These magnets are commonly used in steel mills, scrap yards, loading docks, warehouses, foundries, shipyards, coil and pipe distributors, and other users of applicable steel products.

Permanent Lifting Magnets

Our standard heavy lifting magnets can easily fit round bar, pipe, and flat plates. We have lifting magnets for cranes that have high lift capacity but are low weight and simple to move into position. These large industrial lifting magnets contain the highest quality rare earth neodymium magnetic material for smooth and easy magnetic lifting.

NEO SERIES Permanent lifting magnets for flat and round material commonly used in steel supply, machine, and die shops where heavy steel objects must be moved quickly and safely.

NEO-HV SERIES Permanent lifting magnets used to lift flat, ferrous workpieces from horizontal to vertical. Commonly used for vertical loading into machining centers and lathes.

Battery Powered Lifting Magnets

BUXR03330 - BUXR Series Battery Lift Magnet

Each of our battery-powered lifting magnets has its own battery with no wires or cords that can interfere. If you need to operate your magnets in an area without direct access to electric power, these are a great choice.

BUX F SERIES Battery powered lifting magnets with cordless remote for flat material handling.

BUX R SERIES Battery powered lifting magnets with cordless remote for flat, round, and shaped material handling.

Circular Electric Lifting Magnets

Our circular electric lifting magnets are self-contained, affordable, and extremely powerful round lifting magnets. They are great for handling loose parts and for a variety of in-plant applications such as handling steel lifting plate, machined components, forgings, and castings.

CER SERIES Circular electric lifting magnets with cordless remote for flat material handling.