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Industrial Magnet Industries

The need for industrial-strength magnets encompasses a wide range of industries, and Walker Magnetics has quality, reliable, safe, high-performance magnetic lifting, separation and work holding solutions for all of them. For years, we have been providing industrial magnets to a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, the industries below.

Steel Manufacturing

Walker’s industrial lifting magnets are an essential tool throughout the steel manufacturing process. The complicated and demanding environment in which these magnets operate demand critical engineering know-how to safely and efficiently move material from the start of the process through delivery. Our magnets have proven to be the most robust and dependable magnets in steel mills around the world. We can custom-engineer a solution for any steel-production application.

Steel Distribution

Distribution of bulk steel materials presents a handling challenge that requires careful attention to detail. Walker custom-engineers magnets capable of lifting steel product in a wide variety of shapes, from complex tubes to large flat sheets. We know how to listen to the specific needs of your operation and deliver a system that handles your material with reliable speed for many years.


Steel is the premier type of recyclable material. Today’s scrap and recycling handlers are under a lot of pressure to keep costs down. This means running equipment that is tough and reliable, with fast turnaround of new magnets, and those magnets must endure the rigors of scrap handling, with minimal downtime. Walker’s scrap magnets are designed to be tougher than the rest, with many standard sizes available for immediate shipment.

Metal Fabrication

Precision machining has become essential in modern manufacturing. Walker Magnetics invented the first magnetic chuck over 120 years ago, and we remain the #1 brand for ultra-precise magnetic grinding and milling chucks. Our designs range from simple rectangular chucks to the largest and most intricate rotary chucks. Customers rely on our magnetic workholding chucks to finish their work to the highest precision possible. We love to be challenged by our customer’s requirements, and we have the know-how to deliver.


Advanced separation equipment is critical to mining operations around the world. Walker Magnetics designs and builds a range of magnetic separators that  will clean magnetic material from many types of mining discharge. We offer equipment that will provide years of fast, reliable service which allows mining operations to work at peak efficiency.

Industrial Services

Walker’s magnetic material handling technology extends beyond traditional industries. We work with customers anywhere from food processing to railroads and the government. Walker Magnetics has extensive experience designing magnetic sweepers, demagnetization devices and magnetic brakes. We also service most industrial magnetic lifting, separation and workholding products. We are ready to talk to you about your unique magnetic requirements.

For more information about finding the right permanent, electromagnetic and electro-permanent magnet products and systems for your industrial applications, contact Walker Magnetics today.

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