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Scrap and recycling centers process all kinds of materials, including ferrous metals. Iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, and more can be collected with a magnet, separating them from non-ferrous metals of higher value. Walker Magnetics manufactures high quality magnets that offer incredible benefits to any recycling plant or scrap facility, saving both time and labor. Our Industrial magnets also eliminate many safety hazards connected to manual sorting, improving employee safety as well as facility efficiency.

Being a leading manufacturer of magnets for industrial applications, Walker Magnetics, offers a range of products and custom industrial magnet designs, helping sort more materials safer, faster, and with better accuracy. We develop magnets based on customer needs, designed to match their facility. All our products are built to last and made from durable materials that withstand rust, corrosion, and wear.

Industrial Magnets

Walker Magnetics is a global supplier of magnets for a variety of industrial applications, including scrap and recycling operations of any size and capacity. We manufacture electromagnets and control systems suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Our magnets are durable and powerful, capable of attracting everything from loose metals in hard-to-reach areas to heavy pieces of oddly shaped metal. To find the best magnets for your facility, give us a call at 800-WMAGNET and speak to an associate about an appropriate solution.

Industrial Scrap Metal Magnets

We design and produce magnets for scrap metal processing operations of any scale. Scrap handling magnets are designed for this specific purpose. Our scrap metal magnets are constructed to meet the needs of any industrial scrapyard, performing with sufficient power when and where the job demands it, every time. We manufacture circular scrap metal magnets in sizes ranging from 30″ to 100″, such as:

  • Scrapmaster magnets: Our Scrapmaster D series magnets are rugged, watertight, and capable of handling the most substantial scrapyard jobs. Scrapmaster electromagnets are available in sizes up to over eight feet in diameter.
  • Liftmaster magnets: Liftmaster magnets are lightweight and durable and include a special magnet outfitted for radiation detection in scrap metals. We carry a series of Liftmaster scrap magnets to meet special requests.

Industrial Magnets for Recycling

Recycling operations depend on separation magnets and pulleys for removing magnetic metals from processed materials. We design permanent and electromagnetic systems from scratch or for inclusion into existing installations. Our full line of industrial recycling magnets includes some with optional self-cleaning features, delivering better results with greater efficiency:

  • Magnetic pulleys: We manufacture permanent and electromagnetic pulleys for fast and reliable material separation. Our pulleys are built for maximum holding power, designed to accommodate the facility and application.
  • Suspended magnetic separators: Walker Magnetics manufactures self-cooling permanent and electromagnetic suspended magnetic separators for quickly removing tramp (loose or unwanted) metal from conveyors.
  • Drum separators: Drum separators offer reliable separation of ferrous metals from blue box recycled materials. Magnetic materials stay trapped within the magnetic drum, while non-magnetic materials flow through.
  • Eddy current separators: Eddy current separators are high-capacity recycling magnets engineered to separate materials fast, transporting non-ferrous material quickly through the conveyor system while removing magnetized metals.

Contact Walker Magnetics for Scrap and Recycling Industrial Magnets

Improve plant operations with magnets for sorting and moving ferrous materials. For over 125 years, Walker Magnetics has supplied the globe with heavy-duty magnets suited for the toughest jobs in the harshest environments. For rugged magnets capable of industry-grade metal movement, contact Walker Magnetics today. Call 800-WMAGNET ( 800 962-4638) to speak to a magnet expert or send us a message using our online contact form.


Why Walker Magnetics for Scrap and Recycling?

Magnets for the scrap and recycling industry not only need to be engineered for strength, but also extreme reliability and low operational costs. Walker Magnetics has the experience and engineering expertise to create dependable, safe and, effective manufacturing magnets for each individual project and need.

Since our founding in 1896, we have grown to become the largest custom designer and manufacturer of magnetic products for industrial applications. Today, we serve customers in more than 190 countries. We design our products to meet the growing range of practical challenges, keeping the needs and requirements of the steel manufacturing industry in mind.


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If you are not happy with your current magnet supplier and think you can do better, or you are just starting your operation and need a trustworthy magnet provider, we have the solution. Our reputation is unrivaled and our quality unmatched. To learn more about how we help military and defense operations run with our superior magnets, or to order the magnets you need for military or defense as soon as possible, contact us online or call us at 1-508-853-3232 now.


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