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Accomplish more with industrial services from Walker Magnetics. We manufacture heavy-duty magnets for a range of industrial applications. Walker is the largest supplier of lifting magnets in the world, with products that perform vital roles ranging from debris collection to custom electromagnetic access control. And for jobs demanding magnets made for rugged use in harsh environments, the answer is Walker Magnetics.

We build powerful magnets for lifting, sweeping, and unique applications. Depending on project requirements, we can create magnets to increase job site efficiency, improve safety, and fulfill virtually any custom request. As the oldest company in the industry, our team has the experience and resources to help accomplish goals faster and easier than the competition.

Magnets for Industrial Services

Industrial-strength magnets are perfect for collecting and transporting magnetized objects. We also manufacture demagnetizers for eliminating magnetic fields on tools, loose bolts, and other metal objects.

For technical projects, our engineers design custom electromagnetic controls, door locks, and other mechanisms to fill unique requests. Find out what else we can do! Call (800) WMAGNET to speak to a Walker Magnetics representative today.

For over 125 years, Walker Magnetics has been an industry leader in development and innovation. Our magnets are in use across the world, serving a wide range of applications. Magnets from Walker Magnetics are a common sight on construction sites, highways, and rail systems. Walker products standard for industrial applications include:

Battery-Operated Lifters

Battery-operated lifters enable workers to move large and heavy pieces of magnetized metal in a controlled manner, improving site safety and inventory organization. Battery-operated lifters are self-contained with safety features protecting the user and nearby workers. With a battery-operated magnetic lifter, a single laborer can lift material practically anywhere on the globe. Our selections include:

  • BM² Series: Lift flat metals weighing up to 11,000 lbs. with BM² magnets, available in widths up to 12″.
  • BP² Series: Move flat, round, and shaped materials with BP² magnets, rated for weights up to 5,500 lbs.

Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic sweepers offer unmatched material collection capabilities, using magnetized bars to keep warehouses, roads, and job sites free from debris. Nails, screws, and metal scrap create safety hazards. Sweepers offer powerful magnetic pull, collecting dangerous items for controlled disposal. Magnetic sweepers are perfect for protecting a fleet of vehicles or performing cleanup operations.

Choose from Walker Magnetics products such as:


From large-scale production to keeping workshop areas safe, demagnetizers quickly remove magnetic fields. Demagnetizers are also commonly used for medical, scientific, and computer applications. At Walker Magnetics, we offer two types of demagnetizers to suit any need:

  • Aperture-type: Our aperture-type products are designed for passing an object through the center for quick and easy demagnetization.
  • Plate-type: Slide tools, parts, and other equipment over a plate-type demagnetizer to swiftly neutralize magnetic pull.

Industrial Services by Walker Magnetics

Keep products protected, employees safe, and operations moving with industrial-strength magnet systems by Walker Magnetics, the leading supplier of heavy magnets worldwide. For questions about magnet applications or for help creating a custom quote, call 800-WMAGNET ( 800 962-4638) or send us a message for a fast response.


Why Walker Magnetics Magnets for Power Generation?

Walker’s capabilities extend far beyond traditional magnetic lifting and workholding applications. Our expertise extends to designing and building magnetic sweepers that allow work-site and municipal areas to be rid of harmful metal, and our demagnetizers are used extensively to remove magnetic fields from sensitive components during assembly and use.

Since our founding in 1896, we have grown to become the largest custom designer and manufacturer of magnetic products for industrial applications. Today, we serve customers in more than 190 countries. We design our products to meet the growing range of practical challenges, keeping the needs and requirements of the steel manufacturing industry in mind.


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