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Walker Liftmaster Series Magnets have been designed and engineered for scrap processing operations.

Latest state-of-the-art materials combined with the most modern manufacturing methods make the Walker Liftmaster Series one of the most advanced magnets on the market today.

The Liftmaster Series is a lightweight magnet with maximum lift capacity.

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  • Scrap Yard Processing
  • Waste Processing
  • Crop Pit Applications
  • Under Water Applications
  • Burn Table Applications
  • Manufacturing Scrap Waste Handling
  • Fabrication Scrap Waste Handling
  • Demolition Clean Up

Standard Features and Benefits

  • 75% Duty Cycle
  • Deep field construction
  • Three leg alloy steel chain
  • Rugged case design of low carbon high permeable steel for maximum lifting efficiency
  • Aluminum wound coil for maximum lift-to-weight ration
  • 230 volt DC standard
  • All class H Insulation
  • Coils are encapsulated in a  high dielectric strength, moisture resistant, resilient compound
  • Heavy rolled manganese bottom plate
  • Inner and outer poles surfaces are hard-faced with an abrasive resistant layer of weld to retard wear


SpecificationsLifting Capacity (lbs.)
ModelDia.Appx. Wt. (lbs.)D.C. VoltageAmps (cold)KW Req.#1 Heavy Melting#2 Heavy MeltingSteel Turnings

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Lifting capacities are based on optimum conditions. Variables in the materials or magnetic system can affect performance. Material description based on specifications for iron and steel scrap published by the Insitute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

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