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With a history dating back 125 years, Walker Magnetics has the knowledge and experience to design, produce and supply industrial magnets for industries in all the major magnet applications. Magnet applications where Walker excels include:

Lifting Magnets

We offer a wide range of lifting magnets that are simple and safe to operate. We offer magnets suitable for lifting flat and round materials of weights up to 11,000 pounds. We can also supply larger lifting magnets suitable for lifting everything from billets, bar stock, and plates to slabs, coils, and rebar. We even have durable lifting magnets designed for lifting hot and radioactive material.

Contact us for everything from permanent lifting magnets to battery-powered lifting magnets to circular electric lifting magnets, steel mill magnets and more.

Scrap Magnets

Effectively handling and removing scrap can be a very important feature of any industrial operation, but not every lifting magnet is necessarily designed for effective scrap removal.

Walker Magnetics can provide scrap magnets that are composed of a rugged, ribbed case, heavy manganese steel bottom plate, and sturdy steel chains to make them specifically suited for scrap removal. We can provide custom industrial scrap removal magnets with diameters, weights, and sizes to fit cranes and customers specific needs.

Material Handling Magnets

Another of our most popular magnet applications are our magnets for material handling. Whatever the need to safely handle, whether it be hot billets, long bar stock, wire coils, radioactive materials or plates of any sizes, we have the right industrial magnets. Our material handling magnets are among the safest, fastest and most economical ways to move materials, with a design that minimizes the likelihood of damage to materials and injury to employees.

Separator Magnets

Our separator magnets for applications like tramp iron removal, non-ferrous metal recovery or other separation processing, Walker Magnetics can help with a complete system for a new separation operation or an existing process. We have magnetic pulleys, self-cleaning suspended magnetic separators, manual cleaning suspended magnetic separators, magnetic drum separators, and eddy-current separation systems to meet customer needs.

Workholding Magnets

The company birthed by the man who invented the electromagnetic chuck still has the highest-quality electromagnetic, permanent and electro-permanent magnetic chucks on the market. At Walker Magnetics, you’ll find milling chucks, grinding chucks and rotary chucks for various machining, grinding, milling, turning, EDM and molding applications.


If a customer’s industrial magnet needs are not listed here, please contact us. We offer a range of other magnet-based industrial solutions, including electromagnetic and permanent suspended magnetic sweepers, spreader beams and aperture type and plate type demagnetizers for demagnetizing tools, ball bearings, drills, and various small parts.

For more information on our range of effective magnetic applications or to order industrial magnets from Walker for scrap removal, material handling, lifting, separation, workholding or other purposes, contact Walker Magnetics online or call us at 800-WMAGNET ( 800 962-4638) now.