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In a mining operation, time is money. At the same time, mining is a dangerous field. Every decision must be made with safety in mind. To increase efficiency and protect their workers, mining companies around the world are using industrial magnets for their aggregate processing needs. Walker Magnetics produces magnets for the mining industry designed to attract ferrous materials, expediting separation and protecting equipment from unnecessary wear.

Walker Magnetics is known around the globe for building industrial magnets that are high quality and made for heavy use. We design and manufacture custom magnets for the mining industry, including magnetic pulleys, suspended separators, and drum separators. Our magnets are custom-made according to unique specifications and the configuration of mining assemblies. We believe in delivering products built for specific needs.

Most of our custom-made mining magnets require input from a single operator to function. Let us help you reduce labor costs and minimize the chance for human error with industrial magnets by Walker Magnetics. Call today at 800-WMAGNET and find out how investing in industrial magnets can help your mining operation.

Magnets for the Mining Industry

Improve speed and accuracy with advanced electromagnets, rather than relying on manual labor for separation of materials. Our powerful mining magnets are built for maximum attraction during high-volume production, with self-cleaning technology available on select models. Our industrial magnets are suitable for permanent mining installations or use with mobile crushing assemblies. Depending on the facility, mining operations may benefit from any or all of our magnetized systems.

Magnetic Pulleys

Magnetic pulleys remove tramp iron and loose ferrous metals from conveyors before screening and crushing. A pulley magnet is installed as part of the conveyor system, replacing a conventional pulley in the process. The magnet attracts tramp metals, pulling them underneath the conveyor for collection. The uncollected materials continue down the line, unaffected by the magnet.

Our range of industrial magnetic pulleys for conveyor belts includes:

Suspended Magnetic Separators

Suspended magnets offer heavy-duty magnetism hung directly over the flow of materials. Ferrous metals attach to the face of the magnet while non-magnetic materials proceed along the vibratory feeder, conveyor belt, or gravity chute. Suspended magnetic separators by Walker Magnetics are electronically powered and available in self-cleaning and manual-cleaning models.

Our line of suspended magnetic separators includes:

Magnetic Drum Separators

Material feeds into magnetic drum separators via conveyor belt or vibrating gravity chute. The drum rotates, using gravity and magnetic pull to separate ferrous metals from aggregate materials. Inertia and downward pull direct non-magnetic material through the drum and on to the next stage of operation. Magnetic materials are drawn to the end of the drum casing and dropped at the edge for controlled collection.

We manufacture magnetic drum separators capable of handling large volumes in harsh conditions, including:

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Improve mining operation efficiency and safety with high quality and dependable industrial magnets. Walker Magnetics is the global leader in heavy-duty magnet production, manufacturing custom designs for mining operations of all sizes. Learn more about applications for industrial magnets by speaking to a Walker Magnetics representative today. Call 800-WMAGNET ( 800 962-4638) or send us a message online.

Why Walker Magnetics Magnets for the Mining Industry?

Engineered separation equipment that operates at the speed and efficiency you need. Walker Magnetics offers a full range of solutions designed to help you achieve your goals and improve profitability at the worksite. We have the capability to design the right system for your operation.

Since our founding in 1896, we have grown to become the largest custom designer and manufacturer of magnetic products for industrial applications. Today, we serve customers in more than 190 countries. We design our products to meet the growing range of practical challenges, keeping the needs and requirements of the steel manufacturing industry in mind.

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If your oil and gas business is not operating at maximum efficiency, the problem could be your choice of industrial magnets. Magnets are not an area to cut corners in the oil and gas industry. You want the best magnets for the best performance, which means you want to partner with Walker Magnetics.

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