NEO-HV Series Permanent Lift MagnetsProduct Literature

NEO-HV Series Permanent Lifting Magnets

These NEO-HV lifting magnets are designed to lift loads from the horizontal position into the vertical and vice-versa. Imagine you have a plate lying on a pallet and you want to put it onto your horizontal machining center. Operators have to do this many times a day and they usually have to struggle with clamps, slings or chains, often needing two people, to turn and keep the component in position. Three standard models are available: NEO-HV 250, NEO-HV 500 & NEO-HV 1000 with maximum lifting capacities of 550, 1100 and 2200 lbs. on flat AISI 1020 steel. NEO-HV lifting magnets are adjustable to accommodate a range of flat plates & flat circular disks. Lifting arms, NEO-HV 250, NEO-HV 500 and NEO-HV 1000 can be purchased separately and retrofitted to a NEO-250, NE0-500 or NE0-1000 lifting magnet.

The NEO series permanent lifting magnets requires good surface conditions to achieve maximum lifting capacity. Thanks to Neodymium magnets they perform quite well on flat non-machined surfaces with some rust or scale. The NEO-HV model is ideally suited for in-plant handling, loading and unloading machine tools with a horizontal spindle and for plate handling in warehouses. Workload Limit (Rated Lift Capacity)

NEO HV 2The maximum lifting capacity is based upon lifting clean, smooth, flat, low-carbon (AISI 1020) steel plate, 3 inches or thicker with the full area of the magnet’s poles in contact with the load. Derating is required for plates or flat material with rust or scale, non-machined or uneven surface, plates thinner than 3 inches and alloy steels. Refer to the operator’s manual for more detailed workload limits.

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  • For vertical loading into machining centers and lathes

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Uses Standard NEO-250, NEO-500 or NEO-1000 lifting magnet
  • Detachable lifting arm HV-250, HV-500 and HV-1000
  • Meets all the requirements of ANSI/ASME B30.20 (safety standard)
  • Supplied with manual, pull test certificate, video, and safety poster.
  • Neodymium magnetic material


Item NumberWIDTH (inch)LENGTH (inch)HEIGHT (inch)WEIGHT (lbs)WIDTH (metric)LENGTH (metric)HEIGHT (metric)WEIGHT (kg)*MAX CAPACITY ON ROUNDS (lbs)**MAX CAPACITY ON PLATE (lbs)**
*Weights are approximate net values. Shipping weights will be higher.
**Max capacity tested on AISI 1020 steel. Other materials may perform at a lower max capacity and should be evaluated for a magnetic derate value.