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Grabber Series Steel Mill Magnets

Billets are seldom perfectly straight or flat, air gaps often exist between the billets to be lifted and the magnet. Walker Grabber Series billet lifting magnets have extra power built in to penetrate the air gaps for a more efficient, more certain grip every time. That means they can handle more billets per lift, day in and day out, eliminating multiple lifts per layer.

The penetration power of these magnets combined with rugged construction features ensures dependable, long life steel mill service. Grabber Series magnets come in a wide range of standard widths and lengths to accommodate your billet sizes and layer widths. Other sizes, as required for your applications, are readily available.

The GRABBER magnet was developed over 40 years ago to help mills that were having difficulty lifting full layers of billets due to air gaps between the magnet’s face and the billets/rails/slabs. These gaps are not unusual in normal steel mill production and it was time consuming to make return trips to retrieve bent billets that were not lifted the first time. Walker engineers designed the Grabber-Series magnets with very high penetrating power that were able to “snap-up” the bent billets, making full dynamic lifts.

Many Walker Grabber Magnets have been supplied for use with hot materials. Modifications typically include Double Bottom Plates and higher temperature insulation. For more specific information on high temperature material handling, see Heatmaster Series.

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  • Billet lifting and bundle handling magnets

Standard Features and Benefits

  • 75% and 100% Duty cycle
  • Class H insulation utilized for layer-to-layer, turn-to-turn, coil-to-case insulation
  • Cool operating coil designs
  • Extra heavy duty manganese end plates
  • Fabricated construction for long life steel mill service


Many models available, maximum 98,000lbs. rated lift capacity. Contact factory for detailed specs and pricing.

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