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Heatmaster Series Steel Mill Magnets

These magnets are designed to move hot steel directly from the cooling bed with no downtime. Time spent waiting for hot steel to cool down so it can be moved is wasted time. So is time spent handling steel with mechanical methods. With Heatmaster® Steel Mill Magnets, there’s no wasted time. Hot steel can be moved quickly and easily, from the moment it leaves the casting bed.

Walker Heatmaster® Magnets utilize state-of-the-art materials and design features. During our years of experience in designing and building steel mill magnets, we have perfected several methods of coping with heat. For handling hot steel at up to 260ºC (500ºF.).  Heatmaster® Magnets have a special double bottom with an air space between the inner and outer bottom plates. The coil is isolated from the high temperatures by an air space, so hotter materials can be handled for longer periods of time without damage to the coil or the insulation system.

When the need to handle higher temperature material increases, Walker adds additional features based on a computerized thermal analysis. This thermal analysis has given our magnet design engineers the ability to vary the parameters and elements which effect the magnet’s operating temperature.

Walker incorporates other special features into Heatmaster® Magnets, including 100% duty cycle operation, cooling fins, and proprietary insulation materials. Heatmaster® Magnets built with these unique design features run “cool” in extreme conditions.

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  • Handling hot steel

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Different models for different temperature ranges
  • No external cooling required
  • No hassles due to fans, radiators or waterlines
  • 75% and 100% Duty cycle operation
  • Welded watertight design
  • Special proprietary insulation utilized for layer-to-layer, turn-to-turn, coil-to-case insulation
  • Alloy steel lift chains or solid bails, as required
  • Heavy manganese steel bottom plate
  • Heavy-duty fabricated and cast construction available


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