Scrap Magnets

Walker Scrap Magnets have been engineered and specifically designed to fit all scrap processing operations. We offer various models that come in a range of sizes from 30” to 100” and are designed for top operational efficiency and lasting durability.

Scrap Handling Magnets
 Not all lifting magnets are suitable to be industrial scrap handling magnets. A scrap yard magnet must have rugged construction to withstand challenging industrial conditions. Your industrial scrap metal magnet needs to be able to perform day after day and be of sufficient size and power to capture all the scrap metal in your yard or industrial facility.

Your scrap lifting magnet from Walker Magnetics fits all these needs and more. They are engineered with your company’s needs in mind. These scrap magnets have a range of diameters and weights to optimize your scrap handling crane’s lifting capabilities and streamline your operations.
ScrapMaster D-SeriesSCRAPMASTER D SERIESThese scrap magnets have a rugged ribbed case, heavy manganese steel bottom plate, welded watertight construction and tough alloy steel chains for maximum durability. Specifically designed to fit the needs of scrap processing operations. Available in sizes from a utilitarian 30" to a giant 100" sized magnet.
  Liftmaster Magnets
 Walker Magnetics can also provide you with a selection of Liftmaster Magnets for your scrap handling purposes. These are state-of-the-art scrap metal lifting magnets that are low-cost and lightweight. They are suitable for a variety of lighter duty lifting jobs.

Our LiftMaster magnets are also extremely popular in the railroad industry for track sweeping and other metal lifting operations due to their ease of use, cost-effectiveness, low weight, and minimal maintenance requirements. Choose from a range of Walker LiftMaster magnets depending on your lifting requirements and economic considerations.

In addition to our basic selection of Walker LiftMaster magnets, we also offer rectangular-shaped steel mill magnets. These magnets are extremely tough thanks to their manganese steel bottom plates. They're an excellent solution if you have a problem getting scrap metal out of corners that ordinary round scrap metal magnets cannot reach.

If you work in an industry where radiation is an issue, ask us about our R-Series scrap magnets. These magnets are integrated with sensitive Cricket radiation detection systems from Radcomm. They scan continuously and are ideal for detecting radiation within your scrap materials.

 LM FABRICATED SERIESThese magnets have a rugged fabricated case, heavy rolled manganese bottom plate, deep field construction and tough 3 leg alloy chains for maximum durability.  Designed to fit the needs of scrap processing operations.
 LM CAST SERIESThese magnets have a rugged cast case, heavy rolled manganese bottom plate, deep field construction and tough 3 leg alloy chains for maximum durability.  Designed for special purpose scrap handling and track sweeping.
 LMW SERIESDesigned for scrap processing operations.
 RLSD SeriesRLSD SERIESRectangular shaped scrap magnets designed to lift large volumes of scrap in and out of confined areas.
  R-SERIES The R-Series magnets are used for detection of radiation within scrap materials.  The detection is made by Radcomm's Cricket radiation detection system.

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