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LM Cast Series Scrap Magnets

Walker LM Cast Series scrap magnets have been designed and engineered for scrap processing operations. Latest state-of-the-art materials combined with the most modern manufacturing methods make the Walker Liftmaster® series scrap magnet one of the most advanced magnets on the market today.

This scrap magnet has a rugged cast case, heavy rolled manganese bottom plate, deep field construction and tough 3 leg alloy chains for maximum durability. All elements are designed for top operation efficiency, with deadweight engineered out to achieve high lift-to-weight ratio.

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  • Scrap processing operations

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Available in 3 popular sizes: 48″, 57″, 66″
  • Aluminum wound coil for lightweight design and maximum lift-to-weight ratio
  • 75% Duty Cycle
  • Rugged cast case of low carbon, high permeability steel for maximum lifting efficiency
  • Class H insulation
  • Coils are encapsulated in high dielectric strength, moisture resistant, resilient compound
  • Inner and outer poles surfaces are hard faced with an abrasive resistant layer of weld to retard wear
  • Terminal box cast as an integral part of the magnet case with hinged cover for easy access and replacement of external lead
  • 230 volt DC


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