TRMP Series Towable Electromagnetic SweeperProduct Literature

TRMP Series Towable Electromagnetic Sweeper

A towable electromagnetic sweeper design that is supplied with wheels, 600 x 9 pneumatic tires, an adjustable towbar, and parking stand. The stand folds up into the towbar when not in use.

All units can be supplied with a heavy duty, commercial quality 115volt AC generator mounted to the top of the sweeper. Generators are powered by a 4 stroke OHV gasoline engine.

Magnets are energized and de-energized using the 115 VAC “ON” – “OFF” switch on the generator. A remote switch on 20ft of cable is available upon request.

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  • Picking up unwanted metals from construction sites, airports, dockyards, andsteel service yards

Standard Features and Benefits

  • 600 x 9 pneumatic tires
  • Adjustable towbar
  • Parking stand
  • 115 volt AC generator
  • 4 stroke OHV gasoline engine