Magnetics 101

In general, a magnet is a device that produces an attractive or repulsive force on a material via a magnetic field. Magnets form the basis of all of Walker Magnetics’ products. We want our customers to have the information that they need to understand the operation of and safe use of their products. As a result, there two areas in this section:


Introduction to Magnets:

There are three main types of magnets that we use in our Walker products. Each has its strengths our products are designed to take advantage of the characteristics that are appropriate to how it will be used.

  • Electromagnets are magnets that can be turned on and off as power is applied and removed from a coil. Learn more
  • Permanent magnets are made from materials that maintain a magnetic field without the need for an outside power source. Learn more
  • Electro-permanent magnets only require a momentary pulse of electricity from the controller to energize or de-energize. Once energized, the magnets are “ON” and their lifting ability will not be affected by electrical power failure or cut cables. Learn more 


General Information:


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