RL Series
rectangular lifting magnets

RL SeriesRectangular lifting systems are designed to lift plate, slabs, and billets. RL's are found moving large plates to and from burning tables, fabricating areas, welding departments, and receiving and shipping areas. Typical users are steel warehouses, shipyards, fabricators, and metal working plants.

These magnets can be used individually or in multiples with different types of suspension systems. Walker engineers and supplies the complete system including power supplies, controls, and battery safety back-up systems. While the most popular magnet sizes range from 8"X16" to 26"X60", custom designs and options for standard units are available for special applications.


  • To lift plate of all sizes, slabs, and billets.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Copper wound coils with Class H insulation
  • 50% duty cycle
  • Voltages:115, 230 VDC
  • Fully welded heavy duty magnet case
  •  Waterproof outlet box and lead cable


The maximum rated lift is based upon lifting clean, smooth, flat, low-carbon steel plate of ample thickness with the full area of the magnet's lifting surface in contact with the load. De-rating is required for plates with rust or scale, thin plates, and alloy steels.

Typical sizes available from 3,500 to 52,500 lbs. rated lift. Contact factory for detailed specs and pricing.

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