Interloc Electromagnetic Grinding ChuckProduct Literature

Interloc Electromagnetic Grinding Chuck

This universal workholding chuck offers maximum effective holding on the widest range of workpiece shapes and sizes. Its effectiveness is considerably enhanced by the new low profile feature, which adds more head room under the wheel. Only 3 1/2″ in height, this low profile Interloc is a full 1 1/2″ less than competitive units of the same type. This savings in height permits greater flexibility with added head room under the wheel to position the work or handle bulkier pieces. This results in savings in set up time and added productivity. It also reduces the chuck weight by 30% or more. The low profile is achieved with no loss of strength, precision or holding power. With the unique Walker Interloc design, more than 75% of the chuck’s surface is major north or south poles, making it easier to locate workpieces without concern for locating poles. There is no wear loss due to the shallower polarity pattern in the replaceable top plate.

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  • Grinding
  • Light milling applications

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Only 3.5” in height, this low profile design allows for more head room under the grinding wheel
  • Replaceable top plate
  • 75% of chuck surface is major north or south poles
  • Lower profile height does not affect wear life after regrinding


68-AXM75558"24"200mm610mm148 WATTSSMART 3B
68-AXM755610"15"250mm380mm90 WATTSSMART 1B
68-AXM755710"30"250mm760mm175 WATTSSMART 3B
68-AXM761912"18"300mm460mm152 WATTSSMART 3B
68-AXM744712"24"300mm610mm192 WATTSSMART 3B
68-AXM755812"30"300mm760mm237 WATTSSMART 3B
68-AXM758512"48"300mm1220mm387 WATTSSMART 5B
68-AXM752814"28"360mm710mm230 WATTSSMART 3B
68-AXM755914"30"360mm760mm232 WATTSSMART 3B
68-AXM1266218"36"460mm910mm431 WATTSSMART 5B
68-AXM777520"36"510mm910mm445 WATTSSMART 5B
68-AXM1145924"36"610mm910mm495 WATTSSMART 5B
68-AXM1047324"48"610mm1220mm717 WATTSSMART 10D
68-AXM760524"60"610mm1520mm966 WATTSSMART 10D
68-AXM1128930"48"760mm1220mm966 WATTSSMART 10D
68-AXM1048236"72"910mm1830mm1728 WATTSSMART 20D