Electromagnetic Drum Separator MagnetsProduct Literature

Electromagnetic Drum Separator Magnets

For auto shredding, municipal solid waste, parts recovery, and iron ore cobbing, drums fitted with electromagnets are the solution.

Walker Electromagnetic Drums are available with either axial or radial pole constructions. They can provide control of individual poles or sections of the entire surface, through use of a variable voltage transformer control, if required.

All electromagnets used are wound with Class R insulated wire. They are designed to dissipate concentrated heat without external cooling. All drums are provided with shells of manganese or stainless steel, depending on application. Walker Electromagnetic Drums provide the ultimate in design and performance for heavy duty ferrous separation applications. Available in diameters from 36″ to 72″ and widths from 36″ to 120″.

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  • Auto shredding, blue box recycling, municipal solid waste , bottom ash, mining and more

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Manganese shells
  • Split outer shells
  • Side skirts, if required
  • Manganese cleats
  • Heavy duty spherical roller bearings
  • Grease while drum is rotating
  • Cast aluminum heads
  • Heavy duty clamp blocks
  • Split sprocket
  • Magnet adjustment arm


  • Contact a Walker Application Specialist for detailed specifications and pricing.