SSC ControlmasterProduct Literature

SSC Controlmaster Digital Power Converter, Magnet Controller

The Solid State Controller (SSC) is compatible with all electromagnets. It includes the option to have infinitely variable power control. These controllers have fanning/dribble options and are radio control compatible. They are lighter than traditional magnet controls.

Outdoor enclosures are available upon request. Multiple magnet selection options are also available upon request along with a reduced initial magnet power feature.

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  • Compatible with all electro magnets

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced magnet performance
  • Infinitely variable power control available
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Solid state digital design
  • AC line circuit breaker disconnect
  • Fanning/dribble
  • Radio control compatible
  • Reduced cycle time (faster lift/faster drop)
  • Compatible with all electro magnets
  • Smaller and lighter than traditional magnet controls
  • Magnet “ON” indicator light
  • AC noise suppression circuit
  • Runs cooler
  • Type 12 enclosure with louvers- standard
  • Type 3R enclosure available
  • Magnet temperature monitor alarm available
  • Multiple magnet selection available
  • Reduced initial magnet power feature available


Model Number Magnetic Control Capacity
Dimensions (in.) Weight (lbs.)
SSC-7571 Amps 42h x 36w x 12d 200
SSC-140130 Amps42h x 36w x 12d 200
SSC-200190 Amps42h x 36w x 12d210
SSC-260 247 Amps42h x 36w x 12d
SSC-350333 Amps42h x 36w x 12d 245

NOTE: Previously offered, traditional DC rectifiers and control equipment also available.

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