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Permanent Magnetic Suspended SeparatorWalker's permanent-magnet suspended separators use powerful Ceramax magnets for increased efficiency in the separation of ferrous materials. The permanent magnet design has a lower installation cost than the electromagnet type, because no DC rectifier is required, and operating costs are also lower, since the magnets consume no power. Suspension heights up to 10" to 12" are available.

Manually cleaned magnets can be supplied with a stripper mechanism.  (Note: Self-cleaning or manual-cleaning models available.)



  • Auto shredding, blue box recycling, aggregate processing , mining and more

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Manual-cleaning
  • High-powered Ceramax magnetic circuit for deeper field penetration
  • Heavy-duty welded construction for years of service
  • Extra thick bottom plate for wear resistance
  • No power consumption, virtually maintenance free.
  • Extremely high strength design
  • Robust framework and all North American sourced components


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