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O.S. Walker repairs ALL makes of magnetic chucks as well as Walker lifting magnets and Walker magnetic separators

Don't wait until your magnetic chuck or lifting magnet has an expensive breakdown requiring emergency repairs. Walker will inspect your unit and controls and advise what repairs are needed. Before proceeding with your repairs, you'll receive an accurate estimate of the cost for your approval.

Under this repair and reconditioning program, your equipment can be reconditioned at approximately 50% of its current retail value. The cost of repairing equipment needing more than normal maintenance will be determined upon inspection, and an accurate cost estimate will be submitted to you before any repairs are made.

Reconditioned Walker chucks will carry a new chuck warranty. Walker also reconditions other manufacturers' equipment. It will be reworked to Walker specifications wherever practical, and priced on a per-piece basis. Under this program, Walker will recondition:

  • Permanent magnetic chucks
  • Rectangular and rotary electromagnetic chucks
  • Demagnetizers
  • Electronic chuck controls

Equipment found to be in need of repair should be returned directly to the Walker factory in Worcester, MA for inspection.

Walker Lifting Magnets

Safety consultants often say, "It's always better to prevent an accident than to defend your responsibility for one."

Thousands of Walker lift magnets are in service today performing safe, efficient material handling applications. Like any other type of industrial equipment, they should be maintained properly for optimum safety and performance.

Worn contact surfaces, loose or broken cam-links, corroded battery connections and, worst of all, illegible or missing labels and nameplates are common problems with older magnets. After years of use, worn bottom surfaces may not yield their original rated lift capacities. After reconditioning, Walker calibrates the bottom surfaces to ensure that they yield their original rated lift capacities.

Now is the time to inspect your lift magnets. Contact Walker to recondition or repair your Walker magnet so it's as good as the day it was put into service.

Walker Magnetic Separators

All makes and models of electro and permanent type pulleys, suspended magnets, drums and eddy current separators can be repaired by Walker.

Our inspection procedure and evaluation program will provide you with a fast turn around to get your magnet back in service promptly an in like-new condition.

Walker also offers these services:

  • If you need application engineering assistance, we'll provide it at no charge
  • If you need manuals, we'll provide them at no charge
  • If you need a major repair or rebuilding, we'll provide you an accurate cost estimate prior to proceeding with the repair

If this sounds as if we're serious about having only safe, high-quality Walker lift magnets in the field, we're getting our message across.

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