Magnetic Sweepers, Spreader Beams & Demagnetizers

In addition to the products that we offer for lifting, material handling, and workholding, Walker also designs and manufactures magnetic sweepers, spreader beams, demagnetizing units and other products for various applications.

Magnetic Sweepers
 TRMP TRMP SERIESA towable electromagnetic sweeper design that is supplied with wheels ideal for picking up unwanted metals from construction sites, airports, dockyards, and steel service yards.
PSSPSS SERIESPermanent suspended magnetic sweepers for a ground clearance of 3.5” in any desired length.
 Spreader Beams
  ExBEAMAdjustable spreader beam that allows tooling apparatus flexibility.
Used to demagnetize tools, cutters, small parts, bearing components, and assemblies.
Used to demagnetize drills, cutters, ball and roller bearings, etc.

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