Q- What lubricating oil is used on Walker’s permanent magnetic chucks?

A- 90 Weight Gear Oil - ¼” in the bottom of body.

Q- How do I know which control is right for my electromagnetic chuck?

A-You will need to know the wattage and volts DC of the chuck.  Contact us if your need further information or help.

Q- Why isn’t my battery magnet releasing parts?

A- If the lights are not flashing, the probe might be bad. Probe must be adjusted to .047” below the bail in the relaxed state.

Q- What do I check if my electric chuck is not holding?

A- Check the OHMS across the leads and OHMS to ground to determine if there is a short in the coil.

Q-Why is my chuck holding poorly?

A- Check the top plate flatness, workpiece flatness, contact area, material type. Air gap, material type, and size can all effect the holding power of the chuck

Q- How do I know if I should use a permanent magnetic chuck or an electric chuck?

A- Permanent chucks are cold operating, no power requirements, and have a solid top-plate. Electric chucks have variable holding to help grind parts flat, work better on parts with an air gap, and have a brazed top-plate. Both permanent and electric chucks are watertight and can be used in grinding and EDM machines.