Q- Why do you need more magnets to pick up thin sheets when it is lighter than plate?

A- The magnet produces maximum density in the sheet and therefore more poles on magnets required.

Q- Can a lifting magnet be capable of picking up a demolition drop ball?

A- Depending on the weight, a circular lifting magnet can be used to pick up, on point contact, a drop ball of steel.

Q- Do your magnets last?

A- Yes. With proper care, many of our magnets have been in service for decades. As well, our magnets can be refurbished to extend their useful life. See our article titled "How to Make Your Lifting Magnet Lift More & Last Longer"

Q- How much can a magnet lift?

A- Each magnet is designed to safely lift a maximum amount of weight. Lift capacity is based on mild steel with a thickness of 2” or greater. The specifications for each product type and magnet appear on the associated product pages.